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Helping you mold the innovative healthcare experience you envision.

Are you a healthcare practitioner that wants to build, scale and enjoy working in a healthcare practice you know patients want, need and deserve?  We are here to help you do just that.

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You take care of your patients. We’ll take care of everything else.

You are heard and believed. We listen like it’s our job because it is.  Just as you listen to patients, we listen to you to hear your challenges, and needs in your specific business model.

You are part of the solution. You tell us what’s important to you, and what challenges keep you up, and we build a plan that fits your values and needs.

You are not alone. We believe in hassle-free business management. We help to coordinate your business growth needs and create the right team to support all your healthcare needs. Yes, your whole team will work in sync!

Your entire well-being is cared for. This isn’t just about business.  We need you to be well to serve well.  We pay attention to how you are doing emotionally, physically and mentally with regular check-ins, tips and practices.

You have the best team. We promise to provide you with an empowering experience that is compassionate, comprehensive, and female-focused.

With Clay, a team of experienced experts surrounds you, allowing you to do what you do best - supporting patients in achieving optimal health.

Building and maintaining an innovative healthcare model is not for the faint of heart. Not only do you need to have passion, courage, and robust clinical skills, but you must also navigate establishing and running a business, a topic not typically covered in medical school. It can be lonely, frustrating, and seem overwhelming. The good news is: You do not have to do this alone.

Clay Health's mission is to help you mold the innovative healthcare experience you envision. We provide comprehensive support for all your non-clinical tasks. You can choose Clay to support and operate some or all of our non-clinical services.

We offer hassle-free business development by bringing a unique approach to practice management. Providing non-clinical services like:

  • Comprehensive business strategy
  • Establishing and monitoring your financial projections and key performance indicators
  • Setting up and managing backend operations
  • Technology support: guiding you in choosing and implementing the best technology for your practice
  • Brand and growth marketing to establish and grow your practice
  • Establishing and running memberships and unique programming
  • Patient Acquisition & Retention Strategies
  • Content creation and execution, including email marketing, public relations, and social media management
  • Setting up and managing backend operations
  • Superior Patient Experience Strategy
  • Establishing and offering clinical training, excellence, and best practices for you and your team
  • Processes and Procedures for comprehensive and collaborative team flow internally and externally
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Work With Clay

Hassle-free Healthcare

Launch a New Healthcare Practice

Are you ready to launch your innovative healthcare practice? Together we'll build your business plan and overall strategy, then guide you step-by-step through creating your practice operations, growth and marketing plans, financials, and more.

Lifestyle Medicine

Work on a Specific Project

Established practices consistently need innovation. We work with you on specific projects to grow your patient reach, improve operations, like intake process or clinical procedures, or modify your business model, like adding a membership or group program.

Comprehensive Team

1:1 Coaching or Consulting

Work with our Founder, Sera, to tackle a challenge or opportunity that needs consistent focus and support.

Peer Support

Join Our Collective

We are women doing life together. You are invited to join our community of innovative healthcare business owners.

Clay Health 3 - Sera

Hi! I'm Sera. I am dedicated to making healthcare more personal.

I spent most of my 20’s & 30’s recovering from a rare disease diagnosis and navigating a healthcare system that did not know what to do with me.  To recover, I built a comprehensive, physical and emotional well-being healthcare team to guide my journey.

As I began to heal, I used my financial services, healthcare administration, and nonprofit career experience to build better healthcare solutions. First, I started by forging solutions via patient advocacy and fundraising for scientific research and, ultimately, building my first businesses in the health and well-being space. I came to believe the most significant way I could impact the healthcare experience was to work directly with hospital systems and innovative private practice physicians.  I built a consulting practice to guide providers through improving their business structures, patient experiences, and finances.  Through it all, I have seen the broken parts of our healthcare delivery for patients and providers and the deep desire to get it right.

Now, I use the collective patient and provider experiences and incredible people I have met on my journey to support more practices via Clay Health.

I hope you'll join me.

The Problem:

You didn’t go to medical school to be an entrepreneur and your medical school did not prepare you to run a business.

Problem 1 - Siloed Care

Help Patients Heal

You went into healthcare to heal and help patients.  Your focus needs to be here.

Problem 2 - Gender Bias

Operations & Systems

You know you want to streamline your processes, grow your practice, mentor other providers, do less 1:1 and more group work, reach more people, grow your team, and diversify your offerings, but how? Larger systems have administrative teams to help with this. How do you do this as a smaller practice?

Problem 3 - Masculine Healthcare Model

Time & Expertise

How do you see patients all day and stay current on running your business, team, finances, operations, and business strategy? Even more important, if you do learn how to do this work, when do you have the time to implement those learnings?

Why Clay Health?

We don’t just teach you. We help you implement and maintain systems and monitor outcomes to grow and evolve. We are your team. Our process is not to give you more work but to help you to eliminate the work so you can help patients heal while it grows and flourishes.

Our clients include functional medicine practitioners, nurse practitioners, direct primary care and membership model clinics, wellness practitioners, and behavior health practices.

Interested in partnering with Clay Health or have a question? Send us a note: